Changing Seasons

Seems the Labour Day weekend signalled a sudden change in the atmosphere in the city. The days shone with a different light, the air became dry and cooler – signalling the near-end of summer. Here, the wrap up of a couple of large productions signalled another change. People you work close with, intensely, for several months decamp to different shows. We look backward to the good times this summer and forward to new shows starting here soon. New people to collaborate with and support in our facility. All the best from us here at Filmport Studio!

Filmport Studios Summer Update

The deck is set for summer. After an unusally slow start to summer weather, finally we got around to trickin’ our deck out. A few Dollerama investments to get into the swing of things. The building has been full the past few months and the sights and sounds of musical productions bring much mirth to the place. Want to thank all our tenants for being the great people they are and making this place a joy to come to work in!


Filmport Studio Holiday Mart.

End of year is always a good time for a clean out, thus we set up a Holiday Mart near the grand staircase in Building A with assorted gizmos, doo-dads and household items along with some antique props for your choosing. Please inquire at the Management Office in A208 for prices on anything at the table.

Candle Sets – Vases and Glassware –  Christmas Garland – Hanging Planters – Duvets / Comforters – Art and Photography – Bedframes – Antique Appliances – Picture Frames and so much more!.


christmasmart2 christmasmart

Filmport Studio Enters 2017 With A Brand New Look.




Nothing like ending the year with a fresh coat of paint! Our website has been updated and optimized to feature activity at our site on a more timely basis. Wherever possible current productions will be feature along with updates to ongoing building improvements.

Stay tuned through 2017 for exciting news from us, including the start of Facebook and Twitter feeds that will help us communicate with you better than before!


In Support of “Clothes Off Our Racks”.

Filmport Studio will be hosting a cocktail party on Friday December 16th in promotion of “Clothes Off Our Racks” which provides Toronto’s homeless persons with donated clothing of all types and descripton. Please RSVP by December 7th at

Christmas deer with ornaments and snowflakes, vector

Time 5:30 – 8:30 pm in the Main Atrium at 65 Heward Avenue (near the intersection of Carlaw and Eastern Avenues). Parking in Front Parking Lot.