Film Port Studio is a modern, “purpose-built” complex for film, television and commercial production. Conveniently located in Toronto’s film district with over 80,000 square feet – 2 huge sound stages, back lot, offices, board rooms, art departments, wardrobe/hair/makeup rooms, showers, dressing rooms, laundry, storage for costumes, props and equipment/expendables.[

We strive to create and maintain a mature and amiable facility that supports local and international productions, from feature films, independent film filmakers, both small and large productions.



  • Production offices with high ceilings and exposed brick 700 – 5300 square ft in area
  • Ample parking for cars and production vehicles
  • Easy to move in
  • Supportive of small budget production needs and flexible tenant arrangements
  • Furnished suites with kitchens in several office along with ensuite washrooms
  • Exterior dining areas in friendly weather – deck available for tenant use
  • Friendly building management
  • Furnished and equipped with phone/fax/internet and photocopy
  • Onsite parking, cleaning services, security and alarm systems
  • In-house reliable cleaning staff
  • FedEx Drop Box
  • ATM machine on premises