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Manager of Operations

Steve Williams – 647-786-2688

Steve has extensive experience over the last twenty five years in various sectors of business. His main acumen is real estate redevelopment, media production leasing, IT and media development.

He has a combined love for restoration projects in the downtown core along with a lifelong passion for online, television and film productions. Recently he spent two years co-managing – then managing a large film and television production facility in the east end of Toronto. Pursuing other endeavours – he and his team are committed to facilitate the growing pressure on great spaces in great locations to service many industries – especially in the hot film and television market in Toronto that shows no signs of abating up to the end of 2019.

He is available at any time to discuss possibilities to service your immediate or longterm needs.

His temporary office is near the bustling corner of Queen and Broadview where we can take meetings in a fantastic cafe, of which this area has many – to discuss your plans and needs in an informal, friendly manner.

Please feel free to contact him at anytime during normal office hours – 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday or Saturday afternoons between 12pm and 5pm based on his availability. Additionally – evening or off-hour meetings can be arranged 72 hours in advance based on availability. Just contact him and make arrangements.

You can also reach him at either or and you will get a response inside of 24 hours.

Thank You!