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twentieth 2015 seoul international electrical and electric p

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twentieth 2015 seoul international electric power development
exhibition time: 2015.09.23-26
venue: seoul kintex exhibition center
- organizer-
korea electric power manufacture association
ministry of knowledge economy industry in south korea
exhibition introduction
south korea seoul international electric power exhibition will be held in september 2015 in seoul kintex international exhibition center. the exhibition is sponsored by the south korean electric power manufacturing association and the ministry of knowledge and economy industry, the exhibition has been held by south korea electric power group, south korea hydropower and nuclear power co., ltd., south korea nuclear power research institute, south korea electric power industry association, south korea electric power media and many other energy agencies and south korea electric power manufacturing association and other units of the strong support.
according to the organizers statistics show that in 2014 there are 31 countries and regions of the world's nearly 200 exhibitors, the exhibition area reached 10611 square meters, the audience size of 11382 people. seoul electric power exhibition held in the same period south korea nuclear power industry exhibition, south korea electric power manufacturing association and south korea nuclear power industry association is the only power, nuclear power, wind power, water and electricity industry, a major power industry event. held at the same electrical machinery and the nuclear power industry technical conference, motor technology conference, railway system, battery / battery, led lamps, household electricity and power industry at home and abroad other technical seminar, making the show intends to enter the korean market enterprises has important significance, for you to build bridges between china and korea electric power.
range of exhibits
generation equipment and technology: thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, new energy power generation, it integrated power equipment, power plant equipment and accessories industrial power (uninterrupted power, generator sets, mobile power generation car), power plant energy saving (high school pressure converter, electrical appliances);
transmission and distribution: switchgear, transformers, transformer, digital substation, flexible transmission, wire and cable, power quality, harmonics, reactive power compensation, intelligent components, insulator, instrumentation, electrical fittings;
power system automation: smart grid dispatching system, intelligent distribution network automation, substation automation, power network security and control, integrated measurement and control system, remote control and remote sensing system, large screen display system, power system simulation, fault diagnosis and self-healing device;
measurement: intelligent electric energy meter, centralized meter reading, load management, inspection device, metering cabinet, slide switch, toggle switch element, measuring instrument, sensors, semiconductors,
communication and information: industrial ethernet, optical fiber, software, hardware, power carrier, wireless communication, information system platform, database, monitoring equipment, infrastructure;
electrical equipment: cable accessories, waterproof earphone socket, electromagnetic wire, terminal, insulation materials, electrical alloy, electrical equipment, special machine tool equipment, wiring equipment;
construction equipment and safety protection: electric construction equipment, construction vehicles, construction machinery, maintenance tools, maintenance tools, aerial vehicles / sets, scaffolding, electrical safety equipment, personal safety protective equipment.
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