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tact switch membrane switch large increase in demand

published :2015-11-26 13:35read :
tact switch, electrically connected in element can be divided into switches, connectors, socket and other plug-in component assembly, and several other categories, switch is one of the major categories of products. at present, switch has been widely used in aerospace, military equipment, communications, computer, automotive, industrial automation control equipment, home appliances and other fields, has become a bright spot in the advanced manufacturing industry. according to the analysis, nearly two years domestic demand most is lightly touches the switch, the total demand for more than a billion or more; growth range is the biggest is membrane switch, an increase of more than 100%; and the button type switch (includes a button type power switch, micro switch, remote control, mouse, keyboard) the demand in the asian region ranks first. 2005, the total domestic demand for a variety of main switch has been more than 8827000000, is expected to reach 9880000000 this year.
toggle switch series of various specifications
toggle switch supporting the main field is electronic control equipment, heavy equipment, heavy machine tool equipment, power electronic equipment, transportation vehicle, aerospace, shipbuilding, home appliances etc.. although some products have been replaced by other forms of switch, but there are still some markets, it is a series of specifications for a wide variety of switch varieties. appearance can be divided into large, medium, small and ultra small. the terminal can be divided into straight leg, bending, welding, fast connection chip. button bingke divided into standard type, short cone, cone type. the installation can be divided into vertical installation, installation, installation, installation of casing thread bayonet level. product current voltage ranging from 1a-30a, life expectancy in the 10000 to 50000 times. special requirements can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. products are in line with the lead free and rohs instruction.
tact switch, toggle switch, when the market demand is the most early in the last century 80's to 90's. in recent years, the demand has remained at around 50000000. the product has been considered to be able to use the button switch, the volatility switch to replace, so the market demand is a downward trend is taken for granted. the small and ultra small toggle switch has been good. large current switch toggle supporting application in some special occasions.
film switching costs continue to decline
thin film switch due to technological material on the breakthrough and upgrade, waterproof, safety, reliability greatly improved, product costs have been declining, the product market demand continues to look good. and because the assembly is convenient, the application domain expands unceasingly, has replaced many switches. in the form of the installation of the main line of the main board, the vehicle instrumentation, cnc machine tools, washing machines, keyboard, mobile phone, testing equipment, and other applications is the largest market.
at present, most enterprises are foreign investment, the scale of sales between 20000000 yuan to 100000000 yuan. this kind of enterprise mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta and yangtze river delta region, the annual growth rate of more than 100%. the huge demand for domestic imports of its import volume continues to rise, foreign companies continue to increase investment and capacity, there is a trend to do more.